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How BufferApps Works





What You Do?

To become BufferApps Official Beta-Tester, all you need to apply once and get your profile approved for Beta testing. Share your experience and expertise in detailed to maximise chances of approval.

Perform detailed testing of SaaS for which Beta-Testing request has been approved. Follow all guidelines and submit your opinion and ratings on the platform along with actionable insights for Founders.

Help Global SaaS to build better product altogether and deliver an amazing user experience. Influence innovative SaaS companies with feedback & Product insights.

What You Get?

Express your opinion for innovative SaaS product and build reputation in community.

Get rewarded in extended access to premium subscription of SaaS , LTD codes or Free subscription and platform credits.

BufferApps platform allows you to directly interact with SaaS Founder. Also while submitting valuable feedback, your profile getting more eyeballs, and badges. Top contributor profile always hold maximum exposure on the platform.