Make it happen, Beta Launch!

Get Absolute Insights, Feedback, and Eyeballs on Your Newly Developed SaaS.

What You Do?

Simply submit your product for launch on BufferApps along with all necessary details mentioned in form. If you are facing any issue with submitting product, just share details over

Please make sure about product right fit for BufferApps Community. Means Product has to be somehow related to SaaS ( In case of Info products).

Only after getting product onboarding confirmation from BufferApps start sharing further details , creatives and demo of product.

Strictly follow launched guidelines to avoid any further delay in launch.

We wish more success for your Product during launch on BufferAppps. Perform all necessary action asked by launch manager to ensure maximum benefits.

What You Get?

Distribution is biggest benefit for all product launch on BufferApps. getting product exposure in front of global community of tech people and early adopters

Real user feedback paves way for product success and making SaaS product better for users.

The Official Beta testers submits an amazing feedback on BufferApps platform which will help to draft product roadmap.

Beta-Testing improved SaaS product with immensely valuable product insights. and validate product right fit for audience. Also Collect social proof in the form of reviews and testimonials to build strong Online Reputation in early days.

Frequently Asked Questions

BufferApps is the place for entrepreneurs & early adopters to notify recently launched SaaS products or internet startups,Where one can easily try and test thoroughly any listed SaaS and convey honest opinion directly with Founders. Specially those who join beta launch on BufferApps and share honest feedback, will get a chance to win free Giveaway, BufferApps Credits, Subscriptions and many more.

Also SaaS founders share their startup with the world and get early user feedback & insights.

So BufferApps is a platform where real users collaborate with startup founders to share product feedback.

Finally, BufferApps users can buy special available Lifetime deals.

Just Log in to BufferApps and hit ‘Submit Product’

Right after submitting your startup, you will receive a confirmation email. Also all further communication will be carried out over email. You can check status or notification in your dashboard. We will review your application and approve a launch on BufferApps if it's a really good fit for our audience.

StartUp founder holds a choice to launch a product to get only feedback (Beta Launch) or allows users to buy LTD / Deals.

BufferApps runs TWO type launches as Beta Launch or Deals and Startup selection purely depends on type of launch. Obviously we rigorously check for Landing pages, designs, UI /UX and usability of the product.

Here are details about selection criteria.

Product pitch has to be in proper manner, which can easily grab user attention. A good product pitch easily elaborates on the product value proposition. We believe that users are also looking to know more in less time. So we structure the product Launch page (PLP) in a way to grab maximum eyeballs and attention.

Right after submitting the product you will receive guidelines for the same.

Visit your vendor dashboard which unlocks right after you submit the product on BufferApps. If you don’t see your submission, make sure you are signed in with the same account as you used when submitting your startup.

Usually you will receive a status update over mail, if not simply login to the vendor dashboard and check the status of your submitted product.

If we think your startup is a good fit for BufferApps you will receive an email within about a week. After that it will take a few weeks before you get featured since we have quite a backlog to work through. If you are in a hurry you can choose for the paid listing ( to skip the waiting queue.

Obviously if you do not fulfil our selection criteria, then we might lose you. So always follow all guidelines provided by BufferApps selection criteria to increase selection chances.

Congratulations, Now your first job is to engage users with emails and include needful insights in the product roadmap.

If you have done any significant improvement in product and would looking to be featured again, reach out to

Only the BufferApps team can edit featured startups. Visit your dashboard and click the link to request an edit. Include the edits you’d like us to make for you.